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Fig. 2. a) IXZR08N120B-N channel Enhancement mode switch mode RF MOSFET, rated at 1200V and 8A and RDS (on) is 2.1Ω, (b) MOSFET symbol, and (c) MOSFET Driver DEIC420 C. Pulse Generation Block A nanosecond pulse generator circuit was constructed using two CMOS digital ICs based on a published report [11]. -the biggest DC receiver advantage for homebrew is that they need modesty RF experience and ordinary instruments like DMM (better digital multi-meter, perhaps RF generator or oscilloscope) are. - My personally experience and not only mine in DC receiver listening is that they are real HI-FI (high fidelity) music The input RF signal is injected at G2, and mixes with plate current pulses to produce the IF frequency that is extraced by the IF transformer labeled filter. This frequency mixing method was known as Ultradyne and was invented by Robert Lacault. The RF signal is injected from the antenna circuit at G2.